DSCN4964Disney’s Frozen has created young fans the world over. My girls are no exception. So when it came time to plan their birthday parties, it was no surprise that the answer to my question ‘What kind of party would you like?’ was ‘FROZEN!!!!’

Since the film’s release in 2013, there have been hundreds of ideas on how to throw the perfect Frozen party. I have planned two so far and I am happy to share what we’ve done. It’s been fun researching ideas, coming up with my own and seeing the smiles on my kids’ faces when the surprises were unveiled.

Every good party starts with a plan. There are loads of things to think about from decorations to games and entertainment. Let’s start with invitations…


I decided to make things very easy for myself and ordered invitations from online merchants ebay and amazon. There are some good style choices available from online merchants but invitations can also be found in high street shops. Or be creative and make your own!


Anything to do with winter or snowflakes will work. I had the idea of using silver hanging snowflakes which IDSCN4966 suspended from the ceiling. It added a nice touch to the room.


I also made tissue paper balls (meant to resemble icy snow balls) to hang around the room (or outside for a summer party). They were very easy to make. You can find a tutorial here. You’ll need ten 20-x-30-inch blue or white (or whatever colour you like!) sheets of tissue paper. Stack and fold them into the shape of an accordion and flatten. Find the middle and tie it with string. Fold it and trim the ends. I snipped mine into a pointed shape. Then very carefully (!) separate the sheets one by one. Please take care as they can rip easily. And voilà! A paper snowball!

There are so many different Frozen decorations on the market to choose from. Friends have used posters, cardboard character cutouts and table coverings. The possibilities are endless with this theme!

Food and Drink

DSCN4955 DSCN4113 It was easy to come up with Frozen themed snacks. The kids loved our Frozen Hearts, Olaf parts, and marshmallow snowballs.

Strawberries dipped in white chocolate proved to be popular with everyone small and tall! Olaf parts were chantenay carrots, pretzel sticks and raisins. The marshmallow snowballs were homemade. I love making marshmallows for special occasions and this party in particular called for special occasion marshmallow snowballs!

The kids had bottled water to drink, which we called ‘Melted Olaf’. They loved the quirkiness of it.

Games and Entertainment

No party is complete without fun and games. Summer parties are ideal for bouncy castles and trampolines. Although these keep kids happy and busy, party games are a must. Our Frozen parties have included Pin the Nose on Olaf, Frozen Statues and Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

DSCN4936DSCN4207My daughter and I managed to make a decent looking Olaf replica and used him for our Pin the Nose game. I cut out noses from orange card-stock and wrote each game player’s name on it. We used glue dots to make the noses stick. The kids were so excited to play it for party number one, we used it again for party number two!

Frozen Statues is a version of musical statues. We play the Frozen soundtrack for the kids to dance to and when the music stops, the kids ‘freeze’ and the first one to twitch or move is out. The last statue standing wins!

DSCN4211Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? is a game that was introduced to us by a children’s party entertainer. The kids separate into two teams and each team chooses someone to be the snowman. Each group is given a roll of toilet paper and asked to build their snowman by wrapping the paper around the chosen child. The ‘building’ happens during the song by the same name (Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?). The team which has finished building their snowman by the end of the song wins. If both teams are successful, the best looking snowman wins or the game can be a draw!

DSCN4288These games can either be run by you or a party entertainer. We had Queen Elsa come to one of our parties and she ran the games for us. It was lovely to see her interact with the kids. She added something extra special to the day. We used a Middlesex, UK company called My Favourite Character. They were brilliant and highly recommended.

Party Bags


Party bags don’t need to be complicated. There are so many Frozen bits and bobs that lend themselves perfectly to take home gifts. I have done Haribo heart sweets in cone bags. They went down a treat! This latest party bag consisted of Frozen tissues, stickers, a chocolate bar, bubbles and a Frozen mini badge. The items were placed in a snowflake covered cellophane bag and fastened with a twist-tie. Simple and effective.  The kids loved them!



No party is complete without a cake! And Frozen cake ideas are plentiful. I searched Pinterest and Google for inspiration and found that many people have shared their amazing creations.

Frozen cake LynnMy own cousin, Lynn, has recently shared a photo of a cake she made for her niece. She did such an amazing job, I am convinced she should make cake decorating a side business for herself! This is her cake on the right. She’s used characters from the film, fondant snowflakes and edible shimmer dust. She’s accented the cake and snowflakes with edible silver balls to enhance the look of it.

Lynn has used icing to decorate her cake, but I like to use fondant. Decorating a cake is fairly simple if you have the right tools. First, you’ll need a cake and butter cream icing. I would suggest making your own icing, as shop bought icing isn’t stiff enough to hold fondant properly. The Kitchen Magpie has a yummy, easy-peasy recipe I use. Once you’ve iced your cake, put it in the fridge for the icing to set. When you’re ready to cover your cake, roll out the fondant onto grease-proof paper or a surface dusted with icing sugar. Once rolled out to a size big enough to cover the cake, carefully place the fondant onto the cake and gently rub with a fondant smoother or soft kitchen towel. Trim off the excess fondant and add decorations to enhance your Frozen cake.

DSCN4922On my latest cake, I’ve used snowflakes made from flower paste, edible dusting powder, fondant snowballs and like Lynn, Frozen character figures. Use your imagination. It doesn’t matter how simple or complicated your cake looks. What matters most is that your child will be so pleased that you have made a special cake just for him or her!

Once you’re set and ready to welcome your child’s friends, enjoy the moment. All the effort, stress and hard work will be worth it when you see the kids having a fun time together. When everyone is gone home and the party’s over, put your feet up, have a cup of tea and dig in to a scrummy piece of Frozen cake.

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